The I-O Method


The Inside-Out Conflict Communication Method (I-O Method) has been developed by Nazrana after two decades of experience working in the fields of communications, upliftment, personal development, conflict, trauma and anger.  It is a distillation of many hands on experiences, varied modalities and insights into human behaviour.  In conjunction with the method is the support of a legal, psychological and medical team if and when necessary.  If you are looking for a fresh, long-term and sustainable solution to destructive conflict then this method is it!

The I-O Method unfolds as an intervention and deals with each and every layer and facet of the conflict.  It unpacks and uncovers the physical, mental, emotional, social, cultural and environmental aspects to the conflict. It follows three simple steps:
> Step 1 – Navigation Sessions
> Step 2 – Inside-Out Method Workshop
> Step 3 – Reinforcement Sessions

This process can realistically take three months to six months to complete.  Depending on the availability of the participants.  Remember there is NO “plaster” solution for “effectively” communicating a conflict.

The Inside-Out Method Workshop is a 24 hour workshop which covers 4 hours per week over a 6 week journey.  It addresses all the aspects of traditional Conflict Resolution, with many dynamic and fresh and practical perspectives.  Furthermore it thoroughly covers approaches such as:
> Self Regulation
> Conscious Communication Conditioning
> Assertiveness
> Confidence Coaching
> Emotional Fitness Coaching
> Tension Trauma and Stress Release
> Mindfulness Techniques

The benefits to this method are boundless and life changing and will infiltrate into every aspect of life.  It is highly recommended for everybody whether believe you are experiencing a conflict or not.