Whether you are contacting in a personal, corporate or community capacity, the interventions involve a combination of both private and workshop sessions to address the conflict holistically and to make it affordable.  This approach allows for individuals to air their feelings in private and thereafter benefit from the programme without having to share uncomfortable personal information.  Furthermore it avoids long and drawn out private sessions which can end up costing a small fortune.  Depending on the severity and number of parties involved, some conflicts may require more one-on-one intervention than others, whilst some may only require 2 hours privately.  A monthly retainer fee can be negotiated for corporate and public/community sector clients.  Fees remain standard for private and corporate clients.

The breakdown of charges is as follows:
    *Single Face to Face Consultations -  $75 per hour
    Skype or Telephone Consultations -  $55 per hour
    The I-O Method Workshop - $275 per participant
    The Conflict in a Box Kit - $45

*If there is more than one person in the face to face consultation there is an adjustment in the rate.
Payment can be made through the following mediums:

    Credit Card


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